We are very much glad and feeling pleasure to publish Report of this "MANAV VIKAS KALYAN CHARITABLE TRUST" Today's generation and age is very modern and computer age we are seeing changes and Revolution in everywhere, in this modern time New Article and technology are publish they could not understood it such as Social, Economic, Education. Environments in every matter. We are Backward. If i am telling the Arunachal Pradesh District and Villages. People are economically and Socially Backward .Presently Peoples are living in a modern age Backward become more Backward Voluntary institutions and Social Workers Were giving their Contribution this Way we are also Doing a Work to joined in this modern only we need your support and Co-operation in Executive Manager. At the time of Creating the World God has created and two Wonderful character of Male and Female one is dependent on another a means Both are in existence and joined With each other there is an equal importance of Male and Female even tough Since an old time Female is Seeing and she has to suffered negligence, and hate them after the independence of 74 Years Females has no place and exploitation of females are increasing Female Education, Widow, Marriage etc. Rights most of the people are not giving their daughters for the Progress and growth of female many great People have tried their best Work but the attempts have been done only for the Social reformations and Social improvement and advisory and it is implemented or not is depended on people society females have to suffered much and she has to live in a clutched position female place is only in the Four Wall of House she cannot give their Speech in Publish she is living in a House .So in this circumstances it is most for the important to become united and she has female to live on her own foot ,she become self-reliant and live in a society with honors and respect learnt to fight against injustice and Torches and it is my advice and request my Brother - Sister given proper education to our daughter in her marriage not give her money or any property in much dowry "with expectation from.


                                                                            Mr. Vikas Agarwal